What is an engagement shoot?

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite type of shoot with couples. It's a time for us to relax, hang out for a bit, have fun and get used to the camera being around and just shoot some classic fun shots of you being you!

What should we expect?

 I like to think of it as a fun "date night"going to locations that fit you as a couple.  I can help style your shoot around your lifestyle interests.  Are you the fun adventurous couple, or the soft, romantic type?  Maybe we hit the city lights, after a romantic sunset at the water's edge?  We can visit your proposal sight, your favorite restaurant or bar, or jump in a boat on the Tempe Lakes.  We will spend 2-4* hours together, so we can be creative and create a couple great "looks".  

Speaking of locations.

If you are new to Arizona or just don't know where to go or what to do, don't fret.  I am a native to Arizona and know some great hidden gems, and always looking for new fun spots.  We encourage you to have a unique engagement session.  This is the beginning of your new life together, so let's document it with a bang.

When is the best time?

We schedule our engagement sessions for non-wedding days, Monday - Thursday, and recommend the most attractive time of lighting, meeting up 2-3 hours before sunset.  Weather and season determines the styles you wear, so consider your personalities and lifestyles and how you want your "Save the Date" invite to look.  Give yourself enough time before your wedding to have your photo's ready to be designed and printed.

I don't have a thing to wear.

This is a great time to spoil yourself and get that new outfit you saw online.   Wear something that is flattering and complementary to each other.  Choose shades that will look great with the season or surroundings.  Soft neutrals are timeless and classic.  Lightweight fabrics will move nicely in candid moments.  Solid colors are a safe bet.  Keep any patterns simple.  Wear comfortable clothing that will enhance your experience and keep you confident, avoiding cheesy matching outfits, big logos, loud patterns, and tube tops.  If he wears light blue, try a soft pastel or white dress.  If she rocks her favorite jeans, jazz up your's with flashy socks, hip shoes or a crisp white shirt.  Keep it simple and clean for both casual or vogue, accessorizing with that new handbag, bracelet or leggy boots.  Let your personality shine through, looking your finest. 

Make-up & Hair.

Yes.  I recommend a day of beauty for you ladies.  It's not everyday you have a professional photo session, so rock your good looks and be dazzling.  Try out that beauty team you were considering for your wedding day. If you insist on doing your own beautifying, consider some basic rules:  Make-up tends to show up lighter in photographs, so slightly heavier is recommended.  Use matte make-up over shiny, glittery products that tend to look oily or spotty in the camera.  Use powdered foundation or powder over liquid products.  Freshly cut hair will give you guys that extra "blue steel" haha.