Justin + Carlye Engagment

IMG_6997 DIPTIC.jpg

The engagement shoot with Justin and Carly'e has to be one of my favorites so far. Ive know Justin for about 4 years now, I purchased my first Subaru STI from him back in 09' and if you know me even the slightest bit, you know I'm a Subaru fanatic. We've been planing this shoot for a few months, but had completely different plans then what actually happened. After finding out that the Snowbowl chair lift was only open on the weekends we had to quickly change gears, and decided to go to Lake Mary instead, which couldn't have been better. I really like the story telling that goes on through out the day with my shoots and really tried to keep that theme with this one. From cuddling on the couch to racing around town in the Subaru WRX Both Justin and Carly'e we're amazing to work with and made my job easy, by just having fun and being natural in front of the camera we came away with some awesome shots! Not a bad Thursday afternoon :)