Peter & Melissa Sandoval


Peter & Melissa Sandoval

  Peter and Melissa joined families this fall, celebrating with homespun floral fashion, compliments to Sara's Wedding Garden.  Amidst the winery's cotton fields and giant red barn adorned with white twinkle lights,  Lear Miller Weddings captured the essence of the day from the delightful bridal floral crown to the campestral bonfire and roasted smores.  I could write novels about this estate style wedding venue in Florence.  The Windmill Winery has several exquisite sites for a romantic Arizona plantation event.  I highly recommend a tour with Event Manager, Tana, and only a skip away from downtown Phoenix.  

It was a photographers haven with a surplus of vintage "sets" including an antique John Deere tractor and several Classic era autos.  Never a shortage of stunning back drops, from the vineyard, the small lake, the epic giant red barn, the windmill, rose gardens, and plantation gates.  The only thing I didn't see were wranglers serving up grub.  The Windmill Winery offers excellent vendors, including Lesley's Creative Cakes, Classy D.J. Joel Gibbs and fresh, healthy catering by Gold Star, not to mention photography and video by Lear Miller Weddings.  

Our favorite part of this sunlit magical day was the stroll to the cotton fields for a few minutes of playful frolic.   in creation for a white laced fairytale album, Melissa playfully scattered cotton bits into the sky as Peter twirled her sweetly in the sunset shower.  We were all captivated by the moment.